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ďSo then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.Ē- Romans 10:17

A Message from SWAT Music:


The progressive road of SWAT Music has been long and has contained many ups and downs.† Throughout it all, God has remained the focus of our mission.† The mission is quite simple...share the Word of God with the individuals that God puts us in contact with, including you.† We share a unique reading of Godís Holy Word through The Word with a touch of Jazz.


We just want to faithfully serve God and encourage others to do the same.† We refer to Romans 10:17 because we are built upon the foundation of faith in Christ. That faith comes from the Word of God.† Listening or reading, however you take in Godís Word will be beneficial to your soul and overall level of faith in God.† We pray that you enjoy The Word with a touch of Jazz and more importantly that you grow and mature in Christ.


Itís just that simple.†


Love God, Trust God, Serve God.


Always Be Encouraged

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ,

The SWAT Music Family


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